Monday, 23 May 2016

In Full Bloom

Cherry blossom at Crake Hall, North Yorkshire

It's been another busy few weeks - a week of preparing for my mum's visit (we only see her about twice a year as she lives so far away), the week of her stay, and then a week of getting back to normal and catching up on jobs as well as being back at work.

Lucy's Cottage garden is now in full bloom. Our clematis is covered in delicate mauve flowers and is providing a little shelter for our scarecrows, George and Georgina (who can be seen sporting their new togs, care of the British Heart Foundation shop in Thirsk !).

Our rhodedendron, which we bought from the garden centre when it was reduced and we weren't sure it would even suit the soil in that part of our garden, has also just burst into bloom. I love the deep pink colour, which reminds me of the peonies which used to grow at our old house.

Just before my mum's visit we also bought these red and white geraniums for one of our fence boxes. They are a burst of colour and very patriotic - we only need a few forget-me-nots scattered amongst them for the full on red-white-and-blue effect !

The girls have been enjoying all this sunshine we've been having.

Lucy & Whiskers

If you're wondering why there's a portable heater in the background when summer is beckoning, that's because we had an evening BBQ when my mum was here with our friends who live across the road. The late afternoon turned to a chilly evening so we had the heater blowing hot air on our legs and a thick blanket over our knees ! A good time was had by all though.

I will leave you with a few photos from my mum's visit, with captions explaining the location etc.

Me and mum at Cod Beck Reservoir, Osmotherley

Whiskers enjoying the sun :)

Mum and Whiskers :)

The Hall at Crake Hall

Playing cricket in front of the Hall, Crake Hall

Mum under the cherry blossom at St Gregory's Church, Crake Hall
Beautiful prayer cushions at St Gregory's Church, Crake Hall

A beautiful quilt inside St Gregory's Church, Crake Hall
A pretty cottage !

Another pretty cottage !

The Bay Horse pub at Crake Hall (behind the tree !)

Lovely Hubby and the girls - the dog on the bench is Emma, the mother of our two

Lovely Hubby and Emma

Have a good week !

Fiona x