Monday, 29 February 2016

Catch Up Monday

The last two weeks have flown by, and I can't say that I have done anything of note - just work, housework, dog-walking and messing about on Instagram. I have been fighting a cold which has left me feeling tired and uninspired to write a blog post. But I'm feeling much better now and can share a little of the last two weeks with you.

I've bought some more vintage lovelies on Ebay - this wonderful Sadler teapot with yellow roses and below that an Art Deco toast rack and preserve pot for the breakfast table. We know how to have toast and marmalade in style :)

I've been busy baking more chocolate cake, at the request of Lovely Hubby.

I finally cleared my desk after weeks. I had a good week of selling on Ebay and made a profit of £50.00 :) Lovely Hubby and I took all the parcels to the post office this morning so it was good to get rid of those things and reclaim some space. 

I treated myself to these gorgeous folders from Cath Kidston, to keep all my cuttings tidy.

And today I spent the morning catching up on letter writing. It's been a nice slow day and I could do with more like that.

I have a few more hours before Tai Chi, dinner and then bed :)

Have a great week my friends x

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Pancakes & Teddy Bears

Frosty snowdrops in the churchyard

Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday - I had mine with maple syrup and lemon

Watercolour skies on my journeys to and from work

An adorable teddy bear which I got for the bargain price of 49p ! He was supposed to be £2.99 but had a second tag on for 49p. I named him Digby

Visiting my friend Nancy yesterday at her care home and seeing her well and in good spirits

Our blue hyacinths doubled in height this week. Yesterday I decided to cut them and put them in a jug

Jack Frost visited this morning and the girls and I had a lovely walk on crunchy ground, seeing the wonderful swirly frost patterns

Pizza and our favourite wine for tea last night

Snowdrops and crocuses - Spring is finally on its way

Finding another lovely jigsaw in Oxfam - pictures to follow !

My new prescription swimming goggles - hopefully I'll be able to swim better now I can leave my glasses behind and see where I'm going underwater

A new friendship blossoming ? One of my lovely blog followers and I have decided to exchange jigsaws - this could be the start of a wonderful new friendship


Brompton churchyard

Mini daffodils in the churchyard


Whiskers was barking because I was trying to take a photo of Lucy !


A frozen dog paw print !


I hope you've all have a good week. Here's to another one next week and for many of you it's half-term !

Stay warm and cosy,

Fiona x

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Staying Indoors & Keeping Cosy

My lovely new "vintage terrier" cushion - a bargain at only £8.00 from Asda !

This week has been a long one with Lovely Hubby being away and me working and trying to look after the girls.

We celebrated his return last night with a lovely meal at our local, going the whole hog and having three courses. I opted for steak for my main course as I haven't had it for so long and it was very nice but the best thing was the side order of onion rings - freshly cooked and piping hot from the fryer - they were delicious.

As a result of over-indulging last night and the fact that it has been another bitterly cold day, we've done very little but we FINALLY FINISHED OUR JIGSAW ! Hurrah. I say that because it's been extremely arduous - one the hardest we've ever done. But aren't the results lovely ? It's called "The Evacuees".

Before I picked Lovely Hubby up from the station yesterday I managed to fit in some more time for card making. 

I don't know what next week will bring apart from more bad weather. I think I'll be staying indoors and keeping cosy as much as possible.

I hope you all have a great week.

Fiona x