Monday, 28 September 2015

A Time of Change

Late summer is definitely giving way to autumn here in North Yorkshire. Our sunflowers are in full bloom and we've harvested all of our tomatoes. I managed to make a big batch of tomato soup yesterday but with the glut of green tomatoes we have I will have to think about making some green tomato chutney.

The turning seasons seem to have brought a change in health for a lot of people. My hubby has had gastric flu for about 4 days now and when I went to acupuncture this morning my therapist said that a lot of her clients had also been complaining of a worse than usual fatigue and depleted energy levels. Of course, it was also a full moon last night too - a harvest moon and blood moon in one. Did any of you get up in the wee small hours to see the moon turn orangey-red ? Although I woke up about 6 times last night, I couldn't face getting out of bed, even though they say it will be another 33 years before the next blood moon. There are some spectacular pictures in the papers this morning.

I have recently been diagnosed intolerant to gluten, yeast, eggs and dairy so have had to make some substantial changes to my diet this last week. Although I have followed a gluten-free diet before and rarely consumed cows milk, it has been a challenge checking everything for yeast and having to pre-make my lunches where I would have had a quick sandwich or toast before. Now I have to think ahead and make sure I have some gluten-free pasta or rice cooked in the fridge, and something to have with it. So I've been busy researching on-line and gathering lots of recipes and ideas for the months ahead. I hope that this time next year I will have renewed energy levels and be IBS-free !

Back to work tomorrow :(  I hope you all have a good week.

Fiona x

Monday, 21 September 2015

Sunshine and Showers

We have just returned from a week on the South coast where we spent a lot of time sleeping and reading, and some time walking and beachcombing. 

It was my lovely Mum's birthday so we treated her to a cake, complete with candles...

The weather was very changeable. Some days we had thunderous rain all day and all night ...

When it rained there wasn't much we could do except relax in the caravan with our books and crosswords ...

And other days we had sunshine and fluffy clouds ...

We visited our favourite place, Mudeford, where we wandered along the Quay and had lunch at the Haven House Inn ...

"Fisherman's Lunch" - a pint of prawns !

Christchurch Priory in the distance

The dogs made friends at the beach ...

And we had some nice walks with Mum and Dad ...

The Isle of Wight, the "Needles" and a sail boat

Beach huts at Milford on Sea

Although we're home I have another week before I have to return to work and we have some more adventures lined up for this week. As it was our 5-year wedding anniversary on the 17th we have a special stay in the North York Moors coming up soon.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the last of the late summer weather.

Fiona x