Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mud, Glorious Mud

Me, bundled up under many layers, with Whiskers
Although today was the darkest and coldest of my long weekend off work, we took the girls out to Cod Beck Reservoir at Osmotherley, one of our favourite haunts as the girls love it and it's only a few miles from home.

When we embarked from the car it was very overcast and drizzling. It seemed cold but we assumed that when we got moving we'd soon warm up. We were wrong. It was absolutely freezing ! The wind chill factor must have been several degrees below zero and by the time we had reached the end of our walk our hands were white and numb !

But, the girls had a fantastic time racing through piles of mud and swimming in the reservoir. We struggled to keep Whiskers out of the water despite the freezing temperatures. She's such a water baby :)

Lucy and Whiskers

Whiskers looking wild-eyed, barking

This muddy hidey-hole is one of the girls' favourite places

Interesting how the moss has grown around this tree trunk

A very windswept Whiskers !

Love this picture of Lovely Hubby making a face at Whiskers !!

Lovely Lucy

After our walk we went to one of our favourite pubs to warm up and have some lunch. I had fish and chips and Lovely Hubby had home-made corned beef pie which was made with shortcrust pastry - it looked delicious and made me think I might have a go myself. Normally we make corned beef pie with mash on top.

Back to work tomorrow but it's only three days - how hard can it 
be ?!

Have a great week all x


  1. After your cold walk you deserved a lovely meal, I love fish & chips, I have only made corned beef pie once from a Paul Hollywood cookbook, hubby loved it, I have some corned beef in,so I might do another one .
    It has been really cold today, we had a little walk and we had to come back and put the heating on to warm up.

    Take care xxx

  2. Wonderful photos Fiona, your dogs are beautiful. I don't blame you warming up with a lovely pub lunch. xx

  3. Great photographs. Your dogs certainly look to be enjoying themselves. X

  4. Aww they look like they were having so much fun in the water xx

  5. lovely photo's proper water babies indeed :-) dee x

  6. Thanks for all your comments ladies :) xx

  7. Oh my goodness, I can feel the cold radiating through this post! A tasty lunch in a cosy pub was just what you needed after being chilled through X