Sunday, 3 April 2016

Birthday Gnomes ... and a Trip to the Seaside

Well, friends, I am finally recovered after a long week of illness which started on Good Friday morning and left me in bed for four days and on the sofa for a further three days. I'm glad it's over and I'm ready to put it behind me. During that time I did little apart from a jigsaw which was a recent gift from my new friend, Jan (thank you again Jan !). Lovely Hubby and I worked on it together and finished it in 3 days (we did nothing else during those days !).

Fortunately I was able to celebrate my birthday in style yesterday. The day started with breakfast in bed followed by a lazy opening of cards and gifts before heading off to Osmotherley for lunch. We went to The Three Tuns which was always our favourite pub and I enjoyed a gourmet burger with some chilled Pinot Noir.

Here are a selection of pics from my day. I'm thrilled with my gnomes :) 

As the girls didn't get any proper walks whilst I was off sick we decided to take them to the seaside today and headed off to Runswick Bay early this morning. It was bitterly cold but the sun shone in between the clouds and we had a good dry day. 

When we got home we were all tired out and much in need of a pot of tea and slice (or two !) of cake.

I have a few jobs to do tomorrow and then back to work on Tuesday. I'm anticipating a tough week as my boss was on holiday last week while I was off sick so there will be an inordinate amount of work to get through. Nevermind, four days and it'll be the weekend again!

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Fiona x


  1. What a lovely birthday, glad you were able to get out xx

  2. Happy Birthday! And I'm pleased you're feeling much better. What gorgeous seaside photographs. X

  3. Happy birthday, glad you are feeling better x

  4. Sorry to hear you have not been well, glad to hear you are better and that you had a lovely birthday :)

  5. Sorry to hear you have been unwell, thank goodness you recovered in time to celebrate your birthday. Belated birthday wishes x

  6. Really sorry to hear you have been so poorly but glad you were able to celebrate your birthday the photo's are beautiful. Love the little felt heart and the gnomes :-) dee x

  7. Runswick Bay looks really lovely, I'd like to explore that town and coastline very much. I'm sorry you were so unwell but at least you were better for your birthday. There's nothing worse than being ill on your birthday. x

  8. Thanks for all your comments lovely ladies :) x