Saturday, 9 January 2016

Brightening January ...

The Nutcracker Ballet

Well, we have all survived the first week of January. I think we've done well. I hope you've all had a good week. For me it was back to work and back to Tai Chi, swimming and personal trainer classes. I was very glad when Friday evening rolled around !

Here are a few things which have made me happy this week:-

  • Before Christmas I decided to start collecting vintage baubles and Christmas decorations ready for next Christmas. OK, so I got a bit carried away and bought four 'lots' on Ebay ! They arrived this week and are stunning - like little jewels. Their bright colours really cheered my heart.
  • Listening to The Nutcracker ballet music in my car to and from work.
  • Seeing our girls' happiness at getting their Friday evening treat of pigs ears.
  • Putting the twinkle lights back up over our fireplace. It was much too dark and miserable without them !
  • Wearing socks handmade by my sweet friend Khira in Finland :) 
  • Going out today to The Queen Catherine in Osmotherley for lunch - fish, chips and mushy peas followed by banoffee pie. Oh, it really doesn't get any better (and here's to not being on a diet in January).
  • Baking a winter spice tea loaf cake in my 'new' kitchen, with the twinkly lights on and the girls for company.
  • Visiting my friend Nancy on Monday at her care home and seeing another friend tomorrow morning for tea and cake.
  • Finally writing a long letter to my Bristol-based friend, Sarah. I hope the letter arrived today ... 
  • Cadbury's creme eggs. Yes, we are those awful people who buy Easter eggs at times of the year other than Easter. It's Lovely Hubby's fault - he now has me hooked again !

Baking a spiced winter tea loaf cake

Spiced winter tea loaf cake, fresh from the oven

What has made you happy this week ?

Fiona x


  1. Love those baubles, I am going to look out for vintage or vintage style ones for next year, fairy lights are on my list of things to get, I got two lots last year but I want more, I need some sparkle on these gloomy days x

    1. Me too, I just LOVE vintage Christmas stuff :)

  2. Love your list of 'happy' things. The thing that made me happy this week was finishing my crochet sofa throw which I have been working on since the end of October. xx

    1. Thanks Jan :) Your throw sounds fab, what colours did you use ? xx

  3. Look at those baubles! They reminded me so much of my Granny's tree she had lots of them too :). It sounds like you have had a lovely week. What has made me happy........getting back into our rhythm again and catching up with friends. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  4. Those socks are lovely and look very cosy. I'm in awe of anyone who can knit them. Envious of the Christmas tree baubles, too. I've broken so many of our original collection and need to find replacements. Enjoy your creme eggs!

    1. Thanks, they are really cosy and warm! I love anything handmade and like you am in awe of people who knit and crochet! :)

  5. Gosh im not surprised your feeling happy lots of lovely things there. I especially love the vintage decorations certainly makes my heart sing seeing those I love bringing all mine out in December :-) Have a lovely week, dee x

  6. What beautiful vintage decorations. I live the idea of getting ready for next christmas already! I am seriously considering making my christmas pudding and leaving it to mature until christmas. One year I made two, and we ate the second one the following christmas. It was unbelievably good! X