Monday, 22 June 2015

A Long Way to Go

Today I spent a bit of time taking photos for the website for my business hiring out vintage china and accessories for tea parties, weddings, etc. My dream job growing up was always to be a photo stylist for 'Country Living' magazine but I fear it's not as easy as it looks and I could now use some help on the styling front. I'm going to have to spend more time looking for ideas, tips and guidance on the internet. 

So, I got all my china out, put the cake out and cut the strawberries, etc etc. Set the little table up in the garden in front of the sweetpeas and laid out my finest Cath Kidston tablecloth. And then what happened ? The biggest and longest rainfall we've had since winter. So I hurriedly had to rush everything back indoors - teacups teetering together and scones and strawberries sliding around and fixing to fly off into the mint and rosemary. Not a great time, but I did at least manage a few photos.

 I still have a long way to go though. I'll post more about my business once it's up and running (and the website is finally finished !).

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