Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Adventures in Photo Styling

OK, so I haven't achieved nearly as much today as I had planned. This morning we shopped at Aldi and then I popped into town to buy some strawberries from the market. Then I spent a delicious afternoon sitting in 'Spaniel's Den' soaking up the sun, enjoying my fresh strawberries and some Aldi Cava. Out went my ideas of making bookmarks with my pressed flowers and practising my crochet...

But I did take the following picture based on a lot of tips and advice I found online about photo styling. This is my vintage tray, latest issue of The Simple Things magazine, wine glass filled with wine and punnet of strawberries which really does represent my afternoon. I'm pleased with the photo - it almost looks professional ...

I have to say, my hayfever has been a LOT better since we purchased the air purifier. I read a lot of mixed reviews and it was a hard decision to get it based on the fact that it cost an eye-watering almost-£200.00. But, it's the best thing since the dog's pajamas. Not only does it purify the air but it cools the room too and is quiet enough to leave on overnight. I haven't been snuffling nearly as much. I'll have to recommend one to Mum for her allergies too.

Sorry this is a short post but I really haven't achieved much today apart from eating, drinking and revelling in the joy of one photograph ! Tomorrow we're planning on taking the girls for a lovely walk and lunch out. Yay for that.

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  1. I love your photo and this beautiful, vintage tray!
    Have fun with your girls and enjoy a glorious Sunday!
    Love, Olympia