Monday, 29 June 2015

Sweetpeas and a Beautiful Crochet Blanket

Today the following things have made me happy ...
  • a beautiful crochet blanket which arrived from an Ebay seller (charkai2011). The rainbow colours are so cheery and the wool is so soft it makes you want to curl up under it and take a nap in the sunshine :)
  • a jug of sweetpeas from our garden - they smell divine :)
  • meeting a little short-haired Dachshund called 'Chip' in the park at Ripon - I think that made Whiskers very happy too as she couldn't get enough of playing with him :)

I hope you've all had some happiness today too x


  1. Thank you for following my blog too :-) I'm a Northern lass myself originally. I was born and brought up in Sheffield and my mum and eldest daughter still live there. Looking forward to reading more of your lovely blog posts :-) Kay

  2. Gorgeous sweet peas - gorgeous blanket - what more can I say!