Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Buttercup Meadows

Well despite my hayfever being pretty rotten again today I braved the pollen to take the girls for a lovely walk across the buttercup meadows half a mile from where we live. It's my favourite time of year for this walk when the grasses are long and interspersed with buttercups, daisies, cow parsley etc - the source of my pressed flowers mentioned in an earlier post. It is such a peaceful walk and you're always sure to spot some wildlife, be it snails, ducks or moorhens on the Beck or wagtails flitting about above.

I even managed to get the girls to sit still long enough to have their picture taken amongst the buttercups so that I can get a print made for one of my new frames ...

On the way back to our cottage we saw this lovely vintage car ...

And these beautiful peonies !


  1. The buttercups have been wonderful this year - I have never seen the fields so full of them before. Lovely picture of the dogs with their lolling tongues.

  2. Hello Fiona, thank you so much for being my latest follower! I haven't blogged for a while, as I am so busy with vintage fairs and commissions lately, but need to get back into it, as i do miss everyone ... you've photographed lots of my favourite things here ... buttercups, peonies, dogs and a vintage car! Take care, love Claire xx

    1. Thanks Claire, your blog is lovely :) xx