Saturday, 20 June 2015

After the Rains ...

We finally got some rain last night and awoke to the garden looking and feeling very fresh. The flowers were certainly grateful for the water ...

Irises worthy of Monet's garden !

I love sweetpeas :)

A rogue poppy in amongst the lilies

A solitary lupin !

Henny Penny (Dorothy) peeking from behind the mint !

And one of our greatest successes is the rose plant we bought to train around the front door. We only bought it about 5 weeks ago and look how it's blooming ! ...

Our neighbours are secretly jealous. They have been growing roses to go around their front door since they moved in over a year ago... And whilst the roses aren't doing so bad, they certainly aren't as impressive as ours ! Not that we are competitive or anything :)

My husband is currently up at the allotment tackling the ever-increasing weeds. I have an excuse not to go - my hayfever. Still, I do feel rather guilty as I'm sat at home in my PJs with the girls on the sofa and my husband is slaving away to provide us with lovely fresh veggies. I shall have to treat him to something nice tomorrow for Father's Day. 

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